Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

1. Can we submit more than one application per category?

You can only submit one application per category however you can submit more than one application in different categories.

2. Can I submit the same application in multiple categories?

You can only submit the application in one category.

3. What if the application is relevant to more than one category?

You can submit the application in the category that is most relevant to the purpose of the app and to the target audience.

4. Can two or more entities take part in submitting one joint application?

Yes, with one of the entities taking lead in the submission.

5. Does the applicaiton have to be available on multiple stores?

The application has to be available on either the AppStore (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).

6. Can previous Award winners participate for this round?

Yes, given that the application has been updated and enhanced with significant changes to be considered as a new entry.

7. How many winners are there in each award category?

There will be one winner only for each award category, which means the 5th edition of the award will have a total of 7 winners.

8. Will applications from different geographies (National, Arab, and International) be evaluated separately?

Applications from all geographies (National, Arab, and International) will compete against each other, and will not be evaluated separately.

9. Will there be a Wearable category?

No, this category is no longer applicable for this edition.

10. Will there be a category for applications developed by student participants?

No, this category is no longer applicable for this edition.